Regular project updates on a bi-weekly or monthly basis

Simple Summary
The community is asking the team for regular official communication through various media platforms to better inform us on the progress of the project. Currently, this topic is suggesting bi-weekly or monthly updates in order to increase engagement and encourage new members into the community.

First, the community interest is being checked on this topic and see if we can later get a temperature check and a DAO voting for such discussion. Please go ahead and provide your thoughts on this matter.


I think it’s a positive step to bring the team and community together and promote awareness for new DAO members. Bi-weekly or monthly are good cadences for information output. They don’t have to be especially long just give us a summary of what has been done what they are working on and what’s trends are they seeing.


I second this! I don’t care what regularity and how long or short the updates are as long as they are regular.

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Great feedback, everyone. Thanks @Hyec for taking the time to aggregate some feedback shared, and the DAO for sharing. I agree communication is necessary for protocols to succeed. In the past, we’ve shared detailed weekly updates with a thorough insight into the technical inner workings and details of project developments and initiatives. We’ve found that while it was effective in providing insight into the work being done, it was unnecessarily complicated, and the resources required were better spent on other development and growth initiatives. The forums, including the governance forum, Discord, and Telegram channels, are all open forums where members can ask away about anything they’d like. No question is too big or small, and we encourage all DAO members to ask away. However, we still plan on updating the DAO with thorough announcements regarding key developments and product releases.

Right now, we’re in a “build phase” preparing the upcoming Index token, v2 of the protocol and UI, and the GTM for all of the above. We’ll continue to update as we grow closer to major releases and milestones. In the meanwhile, something like a monthly update might be a great way to bridge the gap in providing insight, aggregating questions from the community, and the answers to them, along the way. We’ve also tossed around the concept of launching public Jira (project management tool) boards for all work done by any DAO member so we can all get transparent insight into work completed. These are some ideas that we can ruminate on further, but keep in mind we will be sharing some announcements as we grow closer to upcoming releases

Once again, greatly appreciate the feedback, and thank you @Hyec for taking the initiative to start a discussion thread.

Quick heads up: while the forum is a great place to share feedback and collaborate on ideas for the DAO, proposals should be reserved for DAO initiatives, such as those that can use treasury funds, or DAO collaboration to achieve DAO goals.


Once a month is ideal. 100 words. Nothing flash. Just saves asking the same questions being asked by the same people.


Exactly, to the point. And no need to be stressed either. Just a few words even if nothing new is created for that month, just so that we catch up and see the CEO is in good health :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info Anthony. I think these efforts are great initiatives and practices for advanced DAO proposals of later. Cheers!

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I don’t think we need any formal schedule for updates. We should let the team update when there is actual news and not before.

This is a small-scale project, and I don’t think people outside the project (or looking at projects with many more team members) recognize how much work would have to go into making regular updates. That time would be much better spent working on the actual pieces of the project itself.

The index token is still not finished, and we don’t have any boost capability for the governance token. These are much more important than getting updates that will not advance the project.

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